Is Geoengineering pure Gyro Gearloose?

March 18, 2024By Tais W DahlNews, Outreach

In TV2’s Newsroom, Søren Lippert compares Geoengineering with inventions by Gyro Gearloose in Duckburg, and interviews Associate Prof. Tais W. Dahl how we should look at various Geoengineering mitigation strategies and a new research project that test pumping up salt water onto sea ice in the Arctic in the hope that it will create a … Read More

The greatest animal radiation on Earth was promoted by a stable marine redox landscape

October 3, 2022By Tais W DahlOutreach, Publication

The greatest rise in marine biodiversity in all of Earth’s history surprisingly was not fuelled by ocean oxygenation. Instead, oceanic redox stability appears to have favoured increased ecosystem resilience and – ultimately – a massive rise in global biodiversity levels. Oxygen rise occurred later… PhD student Alvaro del Rey measured the uranium isotope composition of … Read More

Podcast: The Geobiological History of Earth

October 18, 2021By Tais W DahlOutreach

Danish Science journalist Lone Frank interviews Tais W. Dahl about his research. Her podcast series is called “24 Questions to the Professor” and runs in Danish. The podcast went from the formation of the Earth, through microbial evolution and into the world of animals and the colonization of land. What drove environmental evolution and Earth’s … Read More

Nordic Winter Meeting January 2018 – 4 presentations

December 18, 2017By Tais W DahlOutreach, Presentations, Research, Students and postdocs

Our group will give several presentation at the Nordic Winter Meeting at DTU in Lyngby, Denmark Wednesday Jan 10, 2018 10.00-11.00 Student poster presentations Magnus A. R, Harding “Surface analyses of fossil leaves” Julius C. Havsteen “The Silurian Lau event – testing plant weathering as driver for ocean anoxia and animal extinction”   Thursday Jan 11, … Read More

Art in Science Award 2017

November 30, 2017By Tais W DahlCollections, Outreach

  Magnus Harding obtained this picture of the element distribution in a ~60 million year old plant fossil (Taxodium or Sequoia) using TOF-SIMS on a specimen from the Natural History Museum of Denmark collections. The graphics was awarded the annual Art in Science Award 2017for “the best scientific explanation”. Here is a photo from the award show.  

Science sets sail: outreach and networking onboard tall ship Thor Heyerdahl

July 17, 2017By Tais W DahlOutreach

Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg have arranged an old fashioned expedition with the three-masted scooner, Thor Heyerdahl. The cruise will bring together scientists from a wide range of fields and from countries around the Baltic Sea.   Tais will attend the cruise along with geologists from Germany and the UK on the first leg fra Malmø (Sweden) to Riga (Latvia) from July 18-25.   … Read More