Our group will give several presentation at the Nordic Winter Meeting at DTU in Lyngby, Denmark

Wednesday Jan 10, 2018

10.00-11.00 Student poster presentations

Magnus A. R, Harding “Surface analyses of fossil leaves”

Julius C. Havsteen “The Silurian Lau event – testing plant weathering as driver for ocean anoxia and animal extinction”


Thursday Jan 11, 2018

12.30-12.45 in session 1.11:

Alvaro del Rey oral presentation in Room S1: “Pangea assembly and its implications to the mid Permian–Triassic magmatism on the southwestern margin of South America”

14.00–14.15 in session 13.1:

Tais W. Dahl oral presentation in Room S2: “Ocean redox conditions between the Snowballs – geochemical constraints from Arena Formation, East Greenland”