Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg have arranged an old fashioned expedition with the three-masted scooner, Thor Heyerdahl. The cruise will bring together scientists from a wide range of fields and from countries around the Baltic Sea.
Tais will attend the cruise along with geologists from Germany and the UK on the first leg fra Malmø (Sweden) to Riga (Latvia) from July 18-25.
You may visit the ship and the scientists in Malmø, Riga, Helsinki, Talinn, and Danzig on the following dates

Part of the plan is to both collaborate onboard and hopefully start new scientific collaborations. The cruise members come from a wide range of scientific fields including Chemistry, Farmaci, Human Rights research, Advanced Optical Technology, Engineering of Advanced Materials, Factory Automation, Economics, Medicine and Geology…

Specifically, we will plan new collaborations with Prof. Axel Munncke and Michael Joackimski.