Master theses or PhD?

We welcome applications for graduate studies (MSc and PhD). Students in the Dahl lab do a combination of fieldwork, experimental work, and theoretical modelling within geobiology, biogeochemistry, and Earth system science. Possible research projects are all linked to the origin and evolution of life and the environment on Earth:

    1. Tracing oxygen and anoxia in ancient oceans and links to early animal ecology and biotic crisis (extinctions)


    1. Reconstructing the history of environmental change


  1. Predicting environmental impact of evolving animal and terrestrial ecosystems

  1. Development and calibration of geochemical proxies (using novel tools, incl. synchrotron radiation, high-precision mass spectrometry, core-scanning XRF)

  1. Trace metal geochemistry and cycling in modern environments

  1. Bioessential trace elements for early life

I also encourage students to develop their own research questions. Please contact me (tais.dahl at if you are interested in learning more about working in my lab.

For more information about applying to University of Copenhagen:

PhD Program at University of Copenhagen