Open Postoc position: Computational Geoscience

Open Postoc position: Computational Geoscience

February 6, 2023By Tais W DahlJob announcement

What a career: use your mathematical and computational skills to decipher new type of multi-dimensional data from the sedimentary rock archive. You will employ powerful computations statistical tools new approach has many applications. Illustration generated by T. W. Dahl using artifical intelligence (DALL-E, GPT-3). One 2-year postdoc position is opening in our research group at … Read More

Podcast on the colonization(s) of land and atmospheric evolution

Podcast on the colonization(s) of land and atmospheric evolution

January 27, 2023By Tais W DahlNews

Early vascular plant fossils tell us about the climate in which early vegetation grew In defense of Plants is a popular podcast (US) about botany and related sciences. In this week, Matt Candeias interviews Tais W. Dahl, who explains how the latest results published in Nature Comms change our understanding of how vegetation on land … Read More

The greatest animal radiation on Earth was promoted by a stable marine redox landscape

October 3, 2022By Tais W DahlOutreach, Publication

The greatest rise in marine biodiversity in all of Earth’s history surprisingly was not fuelled by ocean oxygenation. Instead, oceanic redox stability appears to have favoured increased ecosystem resilience and – ultimately – a massive rise in global biodiversity levels. Oxygen rise occurred later… PhD student Alvaro del Rey measured the uranium isotope composition of … Read More

Talk 6/7-2022: Dahl colloquium at IPM, Hamburg University

July 4, 2022By Tais W DahlUncategorized

July 6th, 2022 @ 17:15. Institut für Pflanzen und Mikrobiologie (IPM) is at Ohnhorststr. 18 in Klein Flottbek, a suburb of Hamburg. Tais will give a lecture for the Institute for Plants and Microbiology (IPM) at Hamburg University entitled: “Atmospheric oxygenation and climatic cooling during the early colonization of the terrestrial environment by plants”. The presentation will … Read More

Telling actual time in the rock record

May 5, 2022By Tais W DahlUncategorized

We have discovered a new method to tell time in the Geological record, using core scanning XRF analyses, which we have now applied to Cambrian and Ordovician rocks to refine the Geological Time Scale. The study, led by my PhD student Zhengfu Zhao, is now published in Nature Communications. The new method was first discovered … Read More

Field work in Malo Jezero, Mljet Croatia

November 21, 2021By Talk

[Croatia Nov 10,2021]: Abiotic aragonite precipitates in the modern seawater-fed lake and provide an opportunity to understand how trace elements gets into the carbonate rock record.

Podcast: The Geobiological History of Earth

October 18, 2021By Tais W DahlOutreach

Danish Science journalist Lone Frank interviews Tais W. Dahl about his research. Her podcast series is called “24 Questions to the Professor” and runs in Danish. The podcast went from the formation of the Earth, through microbial evolution and into the world of animals and the colonization of land. What drove environmental evolution and Earth’s … Read More