Søren Lippert – Newsroom journalist at TV2 (Danish TV) interviews Tais W. Dahl about Geoengineering and a new experiment by British scientists in Arctic Canada.

In TV2’s Newsroom, Søren Lippert compares Geoengineering with inventions by Gyro Gearloose in Duckburg, and interviews Associate Prof. Tais W. Dahl how we should look at various Geoengineering mitigation strategies and a new research project that test pumping up salt water onto sea ice in the Arctic in the hope that it will create a thicker and more robust ice package, slowing down sea ice melting.

Tais redirected the focus away from Solar Radiation Management strategies, which is only symptom treatment, and point attention to activities that can permanently remove CO2 from the air either by direct air capture or CO2 capture from flue gas.