Postdoc Dr. Zhengfu Zhao working in the lab.

Join our dynamic team at the Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen!

We’re on the lookout for a PhD candidate (3 years) and a postdoc (2 years) to become integral members of our Earth History and Geobiology research group. Dive into the exciting Research project, “Natural Carbon Dioxide Removal from a high-CO2 atmosphere,” generously funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research. With new tools we wil track both atmospheric CO2 levels in the past and the extent of marine anoxia in the oceans. If you’re intrigued by these opportunities and want to explore the cutting-edge research paths we’re embarking on, reach out to Tais W. Dahl at tais (at)

Link to PhD call

Link to Postdoc call

Application deadline is January 18, 2024.