Geobiology Symposium: Evolution of Phytoplankton

May 23, 2024By Tais W. DahlUncategorized

We are excited to announce an upcoming Geobiology Symposium titled “The Evolution of Phytoplankton,” featuring two of the world’s leading experts in the field, Professor Andrew H. Knoll from Harvard University and Professor Roger Summons from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This highly anticipated event will take place at the Globe Institute, University of … Read More

Tais W. Dahl appointed Associate Editor for GCA

September 26, 2023By Tais W DahlUncategorized

The joint Publications Committee of the Geochemical and Meteoritical Societies, the sponsoring societies of GCA have appointed Tais W. Dahl as associate editor for the leading international geochemical journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. The position will run at least through 2026. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (GCA) is sponsored by the Geochemical Society and the Meteoritical … Read More

Talk 6/7-2022: Dahl colloquium at IPM, Hamburg University

July 4, 2022By Tais W DahlUncategorized

July 6th, 2022 @ 17:15. Institut für Pflanzen und Mikrobiologie (IPM) is at Ohnhorststr. 18 in Klein Flottbek, a suburb of Hamburg. Tais will give a lecture for the Institute for Plants and Microbiology (IPM) at Hamburg University entitled: “Atmospheric oxygenation and climatic cooling during the early colonization of the terrestrial environment by plants”. The presentation will … Read More

Telling actual time in the rock record

May 5, 2022By Tais W DahlUncategorized

We have discovered a new method to tell time in the Geological record, using core scanning XRF analyses, which we have now applied to Cambrian and Ordovician rocks to refine the Geological Time Scale. The study, led by my PhD student Zhengfu Zhao, is now published in Nature Communications. The new method was first discovered … Read More

EarthTalks at GEOCENTER Denmark

April 23, 2021By Tais W DahlUncategorized

The Section for Geobiology at GLOBE has helped organizing the spring season of EarthTalks 2021, and we welcome interested students and researchers to participate over Zoom (link below). The talks will not be recorded. Earth Talks Lecture Series – Spring 2021 Friday afternoons 14:00-15:00 DK time (sharp) 23/4 – Prof. Sigur∂ur Gislason, University of Iceland The … Read More

Did land plants alter erosion rates on Earth?

March 28, 2021By Tais W DahlUncategorized

A discussion arises from the recent review article in Chemical Geology, where Tais W. Dahl and Susanne Arens concluded that land plants did not forever increase the physical weathering rates of the continental crust. This conclusion was reached from the records of preserved sediment rock volume and the timing of plant-assisted weathering as recorded in … Read More

The Carlsberg foundation supports field work in Siberia

January 27, 2021By Tais W DahlUncategorized

The Carlsberg Foundation is sponsoring field work led by Tais W. Dahl to Arctic Siberia, where an important climate catastrophe is recorded in marine sedimentary rocks. The expedition will bring back data and samples deposited in the oceans during a climate event that caused sulfidic anoxia to suddenly expand in warming oceans and wipe out … Read More