We seek a geoscience student who will assist us in the Geobiology laboratory ca. 12 hours per week. You will take part of the research group and work at the forefront of a vibrant geobiological research field. Check out the official posting here . Application deadline is October 9th, 2023. The main focus will be on XRF core scanning at the Globe institute.

The XRF core scanner enables simultaneou detection of 30+ elements at 0.2 mm resolution from drill cores. The Dahl group has demonstrated multiple uses of this data, including detection of brief oxygenation events (New study solves 500 million year old animal breathing paradox), Milankovitch cycles (Press release: Early animals had a shorter day) and chemostratographic correlations (Chemostratigraphy). Photo: TW Dahl from QuadLab, Globe institute.

Working hours are quite flexible and the job is well suited to run in parallel with thesis work. We also offer opportunities for relevant thesis work in the Dahl group. For further information, please contact Tais W. Dahl at tais.dahl@sund.ku.dk.