Is Geoengineering pure Gyro Gearloose?

March 18, 2024By Tais W DahlNews, Outreach

In TV2’s Newsroom, Søren Lippert compares Geoengineering with inventions by Gyro Gearloose in Duckburg, and interviews Associate Prof. Tais W. Dahl how we should look at various Geoengineering mitigation strategies and a new research project that test pumping up salt water onto sea ice in the Arctic in the hope that it will create a … Read More

Feifei Zhang receives the 2024 F. G. Houtermans Medal

February 13, 2024By Tais W DahlAwards

The European Association of Geochemistry has awarded former postdoc in the Geobiology Lab, Feifei Zhang, with the F.G. Houtermans Award. After postdoc years at Yale and in our group, Dr. Feifei Zhang, joined the Faculy as full-time professor at Nanjing University. The Houtermans award recognizes exceptional contributions to geochemistry by an early career scientist. Feifei … Read More

Tais W. Dahl appointed Associate Editor for GCA

September 26, 2023By Tais W DahlUncategorized

The joint Publications Committee of the Geochemical and Meteoritical Societies, the sponsoring societies of GCA have appointed Tais W. Dahl as associate editor for the leading international geochemical journal Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. The position will run at least through 2026. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (GCA) is sponsored by the Geochemical Society and the Meteoritical … Read More

New project funded: Natural CO2 removal from a high-CO2 atmosphere

August 10, 2023By Tais W DahlAwards, News

Deliberate carbon dioxide removal (CDR) from the atmosphere is necessary to keep globalwarming at safe levels in this century. Enhanced weathering and ocean fertilization are powerfulnatural CDR processes with potentials to counter global warming, but their impact andbiogeochemical consequences upon implementation are uncertain due to limited verification at theglobal scale in the real world. Past … Read More

Talks at Goldschmidt conference 2023 in Lyon

July 6, 2023By Tais W DahlTalk

Current and former group members will be present and are presenting work at the annual Goldschmidt conference in geochemistry, including: Monday July 10, 2023 15:00 Feifei Zhang – Enhanced marine biological carbon pump as a trigger for Early Mississippian marine anoxia and climatic cooling Monday July 10, 2023 17:15 Julius Havsteen – Linking atmospheric oxygenation … Read More

Open Postdoc position: Computational Geoscience

February 6, 2023By Tais W DahlJob announcement

One 2-year postdoc position is opening in our research group at the Globe Institute in collaboration with the Prof. Klaus Mosegaard from Computational Geophysics Group at the Niels Bohr Institute, both University of Copenhagen . Application deadline is March 1, 2023. Recently, core scanning XRF has paved the way for a complete refinement of the … Read More

Podcast on the colonization(s) of land and atmospheric evolution

January 27, 2023By Tais W DahlNews

Early vascular plant fossils tell us about the climate in which early vegetation grew In defense of Plants is a popular podcast (US) about botany and related sciences. In this week, Matt Candeias interviews Tais W. Dahl, who explains how the latest results published in Nature Comms change our understanding of how vegetation on land … Read More