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21 Nov 2021

Field work in Malo Jezero, Mljet Croatia

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[Croatia Nov 10,2021]: Abiotic aragonite precipitates in the modern seawater-fed lake and provide an opportunity to understand how trace elements gets into the carbonate rock record.

18 Oct 2021

Podcast: the geobiological History of Earth

Danish Science journalist Lone Frank interviews Tais W. Dahl about his research. Her podcast series is called “24 Questions to the Professor” and runs in Danish. The podcast went from the formation of the Earth, through microbial evolution and into the world of animals and the colonization of land. What drove environmental evolution and Earth’s […]

14 Oct 2021

Tais is pitching a Science Slam in the Planetarium

On November 19, the Danish rapper Per Vers will orchestrate Science Slam in the Tycho Brahe Planetarium. The program is found here Tais will give a 7 minutes pitch from his research