Tracking the global dynamics of Earth’s oxygen and biological production in deep time

September 12, 2019By Tais W DahlUncategorized

In an article published online in PNAS Tuesday Sep 10th, we have demonstrated how a combination of metal isotope analyses in marine sedimentary rocks can constrain the global scale feedbacks between atmospheric oxygen, seafloor oxygenation, and marine biological production. The relationship between O2 and animal life turns out to be more entangled than first thought. … Read More

Susanne and Tais visit Potsdam Institut für Klima

June 25, 2019By Tais W DahlUncategorized

Invited by Dr. Philipp Porada, Susanne and Tais will be visiting to expand our model understanding on how early plants affected the composition of the atmosphere and oceans. Thursday at 14:00, Tais will give a lecture entitled: “Evidence for the Great Mid-Paleozoic Transition linked to the colonizations of land” at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact … Read More

Tais speaks at Nanjing Institute of Paleontological Sciences (NIGPAS) and at Nanjing University

May 8, 2019By Tais W DahlUncategorized May 8, 2018. By invitation from Prof. Jitao Chen, Tais will be giving a lecture at Nanjing Institute of Paleontological Sciences on the Atmosphere-ocean oxygenation and productivity dynamics during the Cambrian explosion of animal life. May 10, 2019. Invited by Prof. Shuzhong Shen, Tais will be speaking at Nanjing University on the Great Mid-Paleozoic Transition [...]

Teaching at the Climate-KIC PhD course in Copenhagen

April 10, 2019By Tais W DahlUncategorized

Geoengineering is one the key climate mitigation strategies, and even though humanity will need to cut down greenhouse hase emissions, several geoengineering mitigation strategies may develop into billion dollar businesses in the coming decades… Tais W. Dahl will be lecturing at this year’s Climate-KIC PhD course in Copenhagen on Friday July 5th. 

Julius C. Havsteen defends his MSc thesis on Feb 20

February 13, 2019By Tais W DahlUncategorized

Julius C. Havsteen, MSc Thesis DefenseCalibrating the d238U paleoredox proxy, using calcitic brachiopods, across the late Silurian Lau eventSupervisors: Tais W. Dahl, IGNExternal examiner: Niels Schovsbo, GEUS Geological Museum, Auditorium. Wednesday February 20, 2019 at 10–11. Øster Voldgade 5–7, 1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark