EarthTalks at GEOCENTER Denmark

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The Section for Geobiology at GLOBE has helped organizing the spring season of EarthTalks 2021, and we welcome interested students and researchers to participate over Zoom (link below). The talks will not be recorded.

Earth Talks Lecture Series – Spring 2021

Friday afternoons 14:00-15:00 DK time (sharp)

23/4 – Prof. Sigur∂ur Gislason, University of Iceland

The Carbfix project: future perspectives and challenges for carbon capture and storage

7/5 – Prof. Katherine Richardson, GLOBE, University of Copenhagen

Earth System science as the scaffold for sustainable development

14/5 – David Keith, Professor, Harvard University and Founder of CarbonEngineering

The case for research on solar geoengineering

21/5 – Joe MacGregor, Project Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Peeling back the Greenland Ice Sheet: A frozen core and some landscape surprises

28/5 – Johan Svendsen, Founder of Greensand

Carbon storage in depleted hydrocarbon fields: Circular Climate Economy

4/6 – Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Professor, NBI, University of Copenhagen

Camp Century – sediments reveal a 3 million year old history

11/6 – Robin Wordsworth, Associate Professor, Harvard University

The role of water in planetary habitability: Perspectives from the solar system and exoplanets

18/6 – Edith Hammer, Lund University

Build your own soil – microbial ecology in soil chips

25/6 – Erik Sperling, Stanford University and Una Farrell, Trinity College Dublin

The Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments Project

2/7 – Gry Barfod, Aarhus University

Hafnium Isotopes as a new Tool in the Investigation of Roman Glass



Meeting ID: 671 4391 2705

For more info contact the organizers: Karina Sand, Tais W. Dahl (GLOBE),

Nicole Posth, Kristoffer Szilas (IGN), Sofia Ribeiro, John R. Hopper (GEUS)