Early shrub-like vascular vegetation evolved in a cooler climate han previously thought. With approximately 600 ppm CO2 in teh atmosphere, the greenhouse effect was not sufficiently strong to persistently melt off all ice in polar regions. This illustration was generated using AI (DALL-E) by Tais W: Dahl

Early vascular plant fossils tell us about the climate in which early vegetation grew

In defense of Plants is a popular podcast (US) about botany and related sciences. In this week, Matt Candeias interviews Tais W. Dahl, who explains how the latest results published in Nature Comms change our understanding of how vegetation on land has transformed the composition of the atmosphere, and thereby the climate and redox conditions for all life at the Earth’s surface.

Also, you can hear how some of the earliest vascular plants (lycophytes) have been used to track CO2 in the atmosphere 410-380 million years ago.