1.2 Mkr from the Danish Research Agency (DFF) to study the impact of land plants

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The DFF-ERC programme has awarded 1.2 Mkr to a project, entitled: PlantImpact – Linking mesocosm experiments to global biogeochemical models.

The project will open 1 postdoc position beginning in the fall 2018. We are seeking candidates with at least one strong peer-reviewed publication and experience with theoretical modeling. A background in plant ecology is helpful and a desire to assess the effect of plants at the global scale is essential.

The candidate will be imbedded in a vibrant research environment with contact to affiliated researchers working on understanding the historical geobiology (impact of plants on Earth’s O2 and CO2 levels), future climate change mitigation (CO2 drawdown by silicate weathering) and the potential of detecting (plant) life elsewhere in the universe. 

If you are interested, please contact Tais.