Associate Professor of Geobiology, University of Copenhagen

Tais W. Dahl
phone: +45 35 32 23 56
Geobiology Section
Globe institute
Øster Voldgade 5-7, København K, Denmark

Research interests

  • Oxygenation of oceans through Earth history
  • Oxygen and Animal Evolution
  • Oxygen and Land Plant Colonization
  • Carbon Dioxide and Land Plant Colonization
  • Marine biogeochemical cycles
  • Trace Metal Cycling in the Environment
  • Molybdenum and uranium isotope geochemistry
  • Origin of the Earth and the Moon
  • Core formation of the Earth

Professional preparation

Ph.d. Geochemistry, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science fellow 2005-2009
M.Sc. Geophysics University of Copenhagen 2004-2005
B.Sc. Physics, University of Copenhagen 2000-2004


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