Aske Lohse Sørensen

MSc student in Physics, University of Copenhagen


I have always been fascinated by the origin and evolution of life. Therefore, I have studied biophysics and geophysics to understand some of the basic concepts governing the evolution of life (e.g. genetics and complex systems). I also find interest in improving the scientific tools used to describe nature and to evaluate the extent to which these tools are expanding our knowledge. These tools include instrumental setups, mathematical models or geochemical proxies.


In my Master’s thesis I explore chemical cycles that we recently discovered in the Alum Shale formation and how these cycles may represent climatic change associated with orbital changes in the Earth-Sun distance. The Alum shale formation was deposited 505–480 million years ago and contains valuable information about Earth’s early environment.


When I was a kid, I had a small fossil collection that I found shrouded in mystery. Today, the fascination lives on and it drives my studies.