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Theses and Study projects

2016 Lohse-Sørensen A, Alunskifer Havets bundmiljø og liv BSc thesis (Danish)
2008 Dahl TW, PhD thesis about Molybdenum isotope fractionation.
2005  Dahl TW, Master’s thesis about core formation and the age of the Moon.
2003 Dahl TW, SURF thesis about aspects of turbulent mixing in planets.
2003 Dahl TW, Magnetisme på Mars, bachelor’s thesis (Danish)

Teaching material

2012 Dahl T. W., Kock B., + scientific playground team PlanetCards for Apple iPhone/iPod.
2011 Dahl, T.W., Leer K., Pagh M. Planetkort 2nd ed. Forlaget Meloni. ISBN 978-87-92505-57-6
2008 Jensen F., Dahl, T.W., Leer K., Pagh M. Planetkort lærervejledning. Geografforlaget
2007 Dahl, T.W., Leer K.L., Pagh M. Planetkort. Geografforlaget ISBN: 978-87-7702-522-8